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David l.


Author & Entrepreneur

David L. Angeron

Published Author:

Certified Sport Psychology Coach (CSPC)

Certified Stress Management Coach (CSMC)

  • B.S. in Kinesiology

  • M.S. in Healthcare Management

  • CSPC & CSMC accredited by The Certification and Accreditation Board of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP)


  1. Serve God

  2. Love and Honor Family

  3. Help Others Succeed 

David Angeron is a Certified Sport Psychology Coach and Stress Management Coach that educates athletes on the mental aspects of achieving excellence in sport. More than an educator, he helps instill the lessons learned in sport and life, guiding athletes to reach their full potential. 

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Featured Books


Understanding College Recruiting and College Placement



Keynote Speaking

Unleash your Greatest Potential!

Former Professional Baseball Coach and Scout, David Angeron, takes his Passion for Positive Performance, Mental Toughness, and Motivating athletes to reach full potential to the stage. His topics on Positive Energy, Confidence, Focus and Adaptability, Parenting Elite Performers, Priorities, and Life After Sports has people of all ages reach and go beyond their potential.  If you are interested in booking a speaking engagement, please contact us using the link below. Prices vary based on Duration of speaking time, location, and size of the venue. 

Presentation Topics
  • Getting to the Next Level in Sports, Business, & Life.

  • God As Your Teammate

  • Positive Energy & Leadership

  • Confidence & Self Esteem

  • Focus & Adaptability 

  • Priorities (Managing Academics, Sports, Work, Family, Etc.)

  • Parenting Elite Performers

  • Life After Sports



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